From Hell. A Story Inspired By Edgar Allan Poe

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From Hell:

How was this story inspired:

It was 6/2/2022 when I was studying for my university, I used to practice some hobbies in break times, chess, watching Tv shows reading and writing sometimes. And as an ordinary reader I have heard a lot about the Black Cat and The Tell-Tale Heart stories by Edgar Allan Poe. Therefore I read them, the Black Cat gave me powerful feelings but is was noting in comparison with the Tell-Tale heart because I have experienced an empathy with its main character, it was just so short, so deep and so remarkable. I kept thinking about is for days, I just did not know what to do with my feelings back then, until I had an issue that made me extremely angry, so I decide to use the both feeling as motivation to push me to start creating this story. I like this story a lot although it is not 100% authentic but I have read a quote says: "The books are basically made up from books!".

The Story Text:

From hell
First Part: The accident

"I knew you were going to say this," he told me". This damned sentence is what ended everything, or maybe it started it, I don't know which one. "Well, we'll see if you know what I'm going to do." I told myself to my college. "That sentence will be the end of the story".

I always loved him, and I hated him sometimes, but there would be nothing left for him but love after today .I decided to kill him tonight. I will not hate him anymore.

I waited for him to sleep, so I got out of bed and went to the kitchen .I took a knife and a piece of fruit and cut it to see the sharpness of the knife. It was sharp and cutting. Then I went to the room and just in case I hid the knife in my clothes. I reached the door of the room he was in. I stood up again, inhaled, then opened the door.

The gloomy moonlight was falling on the bed that was empty ! In the dark corner, there was a human body in a position facing me, whose features were completely hidden by blackness, but it was his form ! My heartbeat rose for a moment, until something moved in the bed, and I realized that he was still in bed, because I was looking from an angle that showed nothing, and I focused on the stable body in the dark corner .His clothes were hanging on the clothes candle.

I sat on a side chair in the dark and began to calm myself down, "No need to rush and stress, he is asleep and I still have time, I must be creative in my own way". I stared at him .He was asleep, but he was not a deep sleeper .He was cautious and suspicious. But he seems happy in his dream. Perhaps he is now dreaming about his future, his family, his daughter, or perhaps he is thinking how smart he was with me ! I almost burst out laughing !! No, I will be silent now. It is still too early to laugh. I must not anticipate events. I will laugh as soon as I want.

Then a hideous crow interrupted me, and I smiled and said to myself, "He is a caller sent by night so that I could carry out my work in his shadow." I got up and stood next to the sleeper while he was lying down, and I thought about his days with me, at first, about many, many events, but today I will honor him, he will die. I remember him with love all my life. I said: "Okay".

Very slowly and with greater caution, I started sitting on his bed near his face. I think I stayed for about an hour and moved slowly until I sat directly at his head. With a sudden movement, he leaned in place and turned to the opposite side, giving his face to the moon and his back to me. I became angry, and with a sudden movement, I pulled the knife and pushed it towards him.

I started breathing with emotion and depth. I said to myself, "No," I somehow stopped the knife before stabbing him in the back, "No, he doesn’t deserve it. I have to kill him face to face." He would have done it, "would he have done that? Maybe if he "took my place!" In addition, I will spoil my painting and spoil this still lunar atmosphere. I got up slowly this time and turned around cautiously and angrily from wasting my efforts, but I insist on my goal and will pass every obstacle.

I was very careful not to cut off the moonlight from his face, not because he might wake up, but because I felt reverence from the sight of the moon. He was arrogant, majestic, and had heavenly splendor. I felt that he was watching me. He was looking at me how I would do it, or perhaps he was waiting for me to finish my work. That's why I didn't block the moonlight from the sleeper's face, and again I sat near his face more slowly than before, and stared at him، His innocent face in front of me made me feel absolute authority over him. His eyes were closed, his soul and his thoughts were absent, and his entire life now depended on my decision. My presence with him in this situation and my sense of authority over him had a joyful and intoxicating effect, to the point that my thoughts came regarding withdrawal and conviction in this feeling and lack of greed, but I will not I back down after all these efforts.

I pulled the knife and slowly brought it close to his neck .I was focused on his neck in the dim moonlight to the point that when I looked at him, there was a breakthrough in his eyes ! I looked at them while trying to hide my intense panic. I stared at them for a very long time and did not feel to myself as if my sense of time had been distorted. So I moved my head away a little and his eyes were fixed and motionless. "Oh, yes, I remembered" I said to myself after I remembered that he opened his eyes a little while during his nap. This was imminent, and the knife still had not touched his neck yet, then I heard a squawking from a distance place، It was the signal, so I pressed the knife to his neck, and his eyes opened wide and he began staring at me with empty, surprised eyes. Perhaps he thought he was in a dream, but his terror prevented him from doing anything. His empty eyes were looking at the moon and my shining eyes in the darkness. Our souls spoke in our gazing eyes. Mine which hides a loud laugh, and his eyes show terror and wonder. I did not feel how much time had passed, but it was like an eternity، My soul continued its conversation, so I ran the knife across his neck and got up from the bed where blood began to flow, and I heard a woman’s cry coming from somewhere, "Maybe it was his wife," I said.

I retreated and sat on a chair located directly in front of him .I wanted to be with him no matter what happened. I wanted to kill him, and I wanted to be with him when he is killed, as if it was the manifestation of my love and hatred for him. He did not utter a single word and did not seem to be trying to speak. Perhaps inside him he would think about death. Or perhaps he blames himself because he thought he knew me and expected my actions, what a bad moment, He had sat and leaned his back against the wall in a spot lit by the moon, and he looked like an actor standing on stage."He seemed to be a shy actor." His look was closer to sadness and regret, and a small smile appeared on his face when he looked at me before closing his eyes and falling dead. I applauded him like I applaud an actor on stage.

I sat for a while after he fell on the bed, then I got up and measured his pulse just in case there was no room for error here. I made sure he had no pulse and brought a mirror close to his mouth to make sure he wasn't breathing anymore. I put the body back on the bed and covered his face, then closed the door and went to sleep in the next room.

Second Part: After

I entered my room and lit a candle, then put it on the shelf above the extinguished chimney. I looked in the mirror and then let out a hysterical laugh. A laugh that started with faint laugh and then turned into a crazy loud scream. I laughed for a few minutes. I think the whole world had heard that laugh, then I said out loud and described the murdered person: "Fool, trusted himself, and now let him see where his trust has taken him". I felt refreshed and on top of that I felt empowered, empowered to take and give the soul, it's truly a terrible lust.

Now I will sleep peacefully after my theatrical performance, but before I sleep, a voice came to me from inside me that ordered me to make sure that the door of the next room was locked. I went and made sure that it was locked, so I went back and turned off the candle and lay on the bed to rest after this effort. As usual, my fantasies began to take me to strange scenes, annoying sounds, and continuous whispering.

I don't know how much I slept, but I woke up panicked to a large shadow covering the moonlight penetrating my room. I looked at the window and saw a crow standing on the threshold،

I grabbed a thick book next to me and threw it violently towards the crow. I slapped it and almost crushed its bones, but I saw it flying as if nothing had happened. Perhaps I was very confused when I hit it. I went and stood in front of the window. Everything was clear. It was a perfect night, as everything was still in it. I grabbed the window cover to close it, but I stopped and remembered the body: "It will decompose .There is no doubt that the smell of death will emanate from it shortly. No, I will not close the window، I will not sleep in the smell of death".

"I tried to sleep, but I kept turning, left and right, and then I heard a rumble, it's his voice! Damn! Didn't I check his pulse, terror started running through my veins and I started sweating, what should I do? I have to see what's going on. I went to the kitchen at a muffled pace, took a knife, came back, and before I opened the door, I put my ear to it and heard the rumble, but I didn't understand what he was saying. I pressed my ear to the door and noticed that it had moved a little. It was open ! I grabbed the knife with both fists and started shaking a little, "What's behind the door? Good!" I kicked in the door and jumped into the room.

His long body was standing at the window facing the moon, and he opened his arms like someone surrendering himself to something. He remained as he was for a moment, then he seemed to notice the presence of someone, and he began to turn around, slowly. Blood almost froze in my veins, then I looked into his eyes and they were uprooted, just dark hollows, and his mouth was like a gap of a dark cave, and in his straight hands I saw his eyeballs staring at me ! I collapsed to the ground from this demonic form and wanted to scream, but he shouted loudly in a wild voice and a cold air stream came to me that shook my entire body... I opened my eyes and realized moments later that I was in my bed and there was a stream of air rushing out the window into the room. "It was a nightmare," but it seemed very real. Everything was clear. I don’t remember where I read that the gods of Olympus were punishing people with constant nightmares. Oh my God, it is really terrible torture. I tried to sleep again.

I woke up feeling very heavy, I was very tired, as if I had been sleeping for a whole day, I looked out the window and the night was as it was before I slept! Even the moon is still in the same place, I'm sure I slept very long but not from night to night, that's what I'm sure of.

I got up and walked into the room then I felt very dizzy, so I went back and quickly lay on the bed, but after a few seconds I saw him standing next to me with his eyes cut off and his mouth gap, so grabbed my neck, and a deep, terrifying sound came from him: You!

So I screamed with all my voice before I realized that I was alone in the room. I went crazy. I took the knife and headed to his room and heard a sound. "Damn, I will kill him." I opened the door and there were two dirty crows on the body, I jumped towards them, and one of them escaped, but I managed to grab the second. I grabbed him tightly in my hand and inserted the knife into his throat .Then I grabbed his wings and pulled the knife up with all my might, causing to split his head in half. It became like the letter Y. I threw him and headed towards the body، I uncovered the cover and stabbed him in the heart with all my violently, to the point that the knife came out of his back .Then I headed towards the door and heard a whispering sound! Here I almost collapsed in awe. I quickly went out and closed the door, but the voice rose. I took a knife and went back to my room and closed its door, but I could not close the door of my thoughts. My thoughts were rushing madly. I could see him minute after minute and hear his voice and feel his breath. I was crazy. I would die a thousand times. The gods were angry with me. The moon rejected my work. "I will not allow myself to be tortured" Like a madman, I pulled a rope I tied to a hook in the wall, pulled a noose around my neck, and threw away my body to get rid of this torment.

I fell to the ground and saw where the hook was pulled out. It seemed that I would not die an honorable death. I rushed out the window and screamed at the top of my voice. A fter minutes, there were policemen. I confessed everything and they led me to detention. My hope was in the trial after a few days, but in court I did not see a judge, but rather I saw a black devil like the night, he had large horns, black, patched robes, and a bloody ram’s face. He sat down and pronounced the sentence: Death. I felt as if I had received the coup de grâce, before I realized that he had said afterward: A month after today ! I looked at him with his devilish yellow eyes empty of any meaning, and here I am in my cell, waiting for the day of execution after twenty-eight days, and trying to forget the time of my torment by writing my story, which ended on the second day, in the sight of the terrible crow that escaped from my hands back then, and now he looks at my torment with pleasure from the small window hole of the cell.

In Media:

There is an American short-film by Robert Eggers published on the YouTube in 2008 with the same title and is is good representation for a the story climate and the terrifying feelings in it.

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